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Now: Summer 2024

Been meaning to update the ole Now Page for a minute. Mostly just waiting to get the site design updated and implemented. I think I want to treat the Now section more like a “vibe check” as Dave Rupert calls it.

The vibes have been up and down since the March post. Had a wonderful trip to Berlin. Those posts have been up for a while now, so I won’t get into it. But, I’d go back for sure. Berlin was a lot of fun.

Our deck and shed are finally finished and inspected. I gotta say, it turned out really great! We were very worried how things would go. There was so much back and forth about the foundation, and then the base of the shed had to be re-engineered (with a hefty surprise addition to the cost.) The deck guys hit our house’s power cable that we learned is no longer buried as deep as it should be due to some previous owner digging a chunk out of the land. Thankfully we didn’t have to pay to move it. Then there was a lot of back and forth with inspectors and more engineers. If you have a very hilly yard, just budget for leveling the ground out. I will never buy a property on a hill again.



There’s still a lot of work to do, but she’s up! And solid. More solid than our house. 😂

Celebrated my birthday back in May. We had a great time in Raleigh with friends old and new. Had an amazing dinner at Bida Manda. Saw Mr. Bungle for the first time. That was a treat. I was maybe 15 feet from Scott Ian, which was really cool because I grew up seeing him on TV.

Monday on the way home, I learned I was laid off from Indeed along with 999 amazingly talented incredible people that didn’t deserve to be. That’s a huge bummer, because I really loved that job. I’ll find another one, but the people I got to work with and learn from can’t be replaced.

Been spending a lot of my time redesigning this site, but I’ll make a separate post on that. I think it’s at a point where I feel good about publishing it. I hope you like it. I can’t count how many times I’ve done and redone, designed and redesigned the whole thing.